Management of the highest state is the management of corporate culture. The development of Dali benefited from a strong R & D advantage, successful marketing, but also benefit from the intangible force of Dali culture. Unity and cooperation, the courage to work hard, dedication, bold and innovative animal husbandry Dili spirit, all people need to carry forward its Dali, need all my colleagues in the bit by bit perseverance, but also need Dali people in the future work continue to enrich and enrich It contains.

Team all firewood firewood high. Teamwork, staff unity and cooperation, work together to serve the cornerstone of the survival and development of enterprises. Cherry is characterized by petals small and more, a pet may be insignificant down, but even quite spectacular, which is a portrayal of teamwork. Dudley's success today is not due to a person's contribution, but because we are a great team.

Unlimited scenery in the dangerous peak. The fighting spirit is not only manifested in its determination to forge ahead toward its goal, but also as a persistent pursuit and perseverance in its determination to surmount its difficulties. In front of a strong foreign competitors, in front of a technical problems, Dali people is relying on the perseverance of winning the market, won the trust and praise of customers at home and abroad.

Dedicated hard work, a harvest. Dedication is meticulous work attitude towards the work, is "today's today completed" work habits. In the Dali, dedication is the production line workers work overtime, is the sales staff wearing the enthusiasm of the moon, is the Institute of technical staff conscientious and dedication.