Changzhou Dali Plastics Machinery Co.,Ltd is specilized in casting film extrusion technology, major in design and manufacture of  geomembrane production line, waterproof sheet production line, drainage sheet production line, single/multi-layer cast film machine, extrusion laminating machine, coating machine etc..

The machinery can produce products for construction projects of highway, environment conservation, garden, daily life, hygiene products, packing and transportation, automobile, photovoltaic, medical care etc..


1.Geomembrane Production Line

Ranges from 3m to 8m, geomembrane and geosythetics are widely used in landfill, water conservation, seepage prevention, tunnel, subway and so on. The production line can also laminate on geotextile, nonwoven fabric or woven fabric to produce heat insulation cover for greenhouse, heavy duty tent and other possible usage.

2.Waterproof Sheet Production Line

Mainly in 3 meters and 4 meters wide, used for seepage prevention of roadbase for bullet train railway, express way and overhead road.

3.Drainage Sheet Production Line

The dimpled structure of drain sheet can help to drain water quickly, dramatically reducing even virtually eliminate hydrostatic pressure imposed to water proof materials, which is a good method of active water proofing by draining out water directly.
Mainly for road, roof garden, wall and dam etc..

4.Film Casting Machine

According to different application, choose different material and formulation for the cast film machine to produce disposable gloves, apron, shoe cover, table cloth, shower curtain, shower cap, umbrella, raincoat, protective film, dust proof cover, back film of sanitary towel/ diaper, packing bags, EVA photovoltiac film, glass interlayer film etc..

5.Extrusion Laminating /Coating Machine

The machine can produce different type of composite material, with different substrates, for example nonwoven/woven fabric for shopping bags and packing materail, medical pad, protective clothing; EPE foam and Aluminium foil for various mat, baby play mat; XPE foam, needle punched nonwoven, carpet for car floor mat and interior and trunk dectorative materials and floor underlayer material,3D wall panel/ wall brick.